There are plenty of things in life that we accept as truth because we’ve heard them again and again and again over a long period of time.  Take for example the food pyramid.  You probably already have an idea in your head of what it looks like.  You’ve probably heard about the food pyramid since school days.  You know that following the food pyramid means you’re following a healthy diet, right?  But have you ever checked to see if it was true?

When you investigate and find out that, in America anyway, interested industries had input into the food pyramid, it’s easy to get a little sceptical as to the nutritional values of said pyramid.  That’s not to say it’s not true, but America is now the place where Pizza in school is considered a vegetable.  Strictly speaking that’s not totally true, but that is basically what the world reported at the time.

This is not about the food pyramid though, it’s about the way we think, or in fact the way we don’t think.

We’ve conditioned ourselves to believe certain things without question.  When it comes to our health, we believe things like, if you want your weigh loss to succeed, you have to do it slowly.  We believe you have to drink 8 glasses of water a day.  We believe carbohydrates are bad for us.

It’s likely we believe statements like that because a lot of people repeat them and a lot of people have success using those formulas, but what happens if you don’t have success with that formula?

When you’re conditioned to think one way, and that way doesn’t work, what do you do?  If you think about, there are only two choices, give up or change the way you think (and do.)

The point here is to investigate, not to blindly follow the opposite way of thinking.  So if you come to that point where you think whatever you’re doing in terms of your own health isn’t working, instead of giving up, think about changing your own mind.  In the case where you have medically managed issues, do that in consultation with your doctor.

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