Incidental exercise is the exercise you do when you’re not exercising.  If you’re counting the number of steps you’re taking daily or wanting to increase your overall exercise, increasing your incidental exercise will help you reach your goal, perhaps without having to add a whole new gym session.

Increasing incidental exercise can be really easy.  Mostly it’s a matter of small changes, or just choosing not to use the most convenient option.  Here are some ways to get more movement in your day.


You don’t even need to leave the house to add to your incidental exercise.  Make sure you’ve got your step counter on when you’re doing the cleaning and you’ll see, that uses quite a lot of steps.  Similarly hanging the washing on the line outside instead of putting it in the drier will increase your Incidental exercise and decrease your power bill.

Walk to Work:

If you can walk to work, try it occasionally.  Particularly as the weather cools down, it means you won’t arrive there sweaty.  Incidental exercise is not generally about getting your heart rate up to puffing and sweaty levels, so a stroll to or from work can be a good way to organise your thoughts about the day, or process it and pack it up at the end of the day.  If walking to work is not an option for whatever reason, a stroll around the block at lunch time will help to clear your head, get you some fresh air and get some incidental exercise.

Take the Stairs:

The convenience of Escalators and Elevators disguise another easy way to get some exercise.  Take the stairs.  If you’re on the 50th floor, perhaps not all the way, unless you’re really fit, but taking the stairs will give you a cardio boost.  If there are a significant number of stairs, perhaps set yourself mini goals with the aim of being able to walk all of them by a date of your choosing.

Park Further Away:

With the age of convenience, it’s super easy to be super lazy.  Why is it we will drive up and down the lanes of a car park for 10 minutes to try and get a park close to the lift or the entrance, when we could probably drive straight to the furthest corner of said car park and find a spot straight away?  So what if it’s a five-minute walk to the shops from where you park, think of all that stress you didn’t have to endure pacing up and down to be closer.  Plus your step counter will have something to do.

Say it in person:

If you work in an office, and you have easy questions for a colleague, instead of sending an email, walk to their desk and ask them.  This not only gives you some more incidental exercise, but it also gets you to stand up from your desk and have a bit of a stretch.  However, do be careful that you’re not out of your seat for too much of the day, bosses tend not to like that.

Increasing your overall exercise will help you feel and be healthier, and you can do it quite easily with just a little forethought.

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